March Ramblings 

Another month has all but gone and as a result it is time I posted a short update for those of you interested in my ramblings. My plan to spend more time gaming continues to play out well, be it in a reduction of posts here of course. This continues to be a result, in part, of my mid-week gaming sessions against a couple of different opponents. 

After a long period of inactivity my Wings of War models were pulled out and took to the sky. I had forgotten how enjoyable these games are and how simple the rules are, even with the altitude rules. Hopefully another session can be planned in the near future.

In addition I’ve enjoyed a few DBA games on various mid-week gaming sessions against a couple of different opponents. Romans, Successors and Japanese have all seen games, or multiple games, during the month. 

I’ve also managed a good number of Renaissance games at the weekends. Each has been based around the 300 point format which I continue to find enjoyable. This format ensures the games don’t last too long yet are challenging. A couple of photos of can be found here. Be warned however the photos are minimal and in no way can be considered a photo report.

Unfortunately, my plans for painting new armies has once again stalled. More figures have been undercoated, but the application of additional colours remains elusive. Perhaps I’ll make some progress in April…

3 thoughts on “March Ramblings 

    1. Still doing better than me, although the re-establishment of the games room is taking effect, albeit slowly. Once Easter, and junior national rock n roll champs, is out of the way, hopefully more time for ‘gaming.

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