Natcon Musings

Another Natcon has been and gone and for 2015 it was of course in Auckland. Despite there being some organisational issues, including a change of venue in the week before the competition, it seemed to go reasonably well. Well it did from my perspective. I’m always impressed how much time a few organisers and a small number of volunteers put into such events. I find it enough just organising a few competitors for a competition. But this year I had a break from this as well!
In recent years I have played in or organised DBR events, but with a range of local amendments being used I decided to look elsewhere. As a result I decided early to participate in the 15mm DBA competition which ran for two days. However, being in the main historical area of the venue it gave me a reasonable view of the other historical games. I believe there was a fantasy area but I didn’t go looking so I’m not sure of the details. The historical game systems in use were DBA, FOG Ancients, FOG Napoleonics, Renaissance using DBR and Flames of War, all in 15mm. I was a little surprised by what I thought was a small number of Flames of War games. The only 25mm games were Ancients using DBMM, but there was a good turn out for this.
I forgot my camera, so the limited photos of the day were of the DBA games. Above Sinhalese engage Norse Vikings on the second day. The thought of the Sinhalese massed archers fighting solid Viking foot was one game I was dreading! On another table Aztecs are engaged by Spanish, and a full European Spanish army at that. To my amazement the Aztecs overcame the Spanish, certainly a change from the history books! A few additional photos of the DBA Competition can be found here.
Unfortunately, there were no demonstration games nor any retailers. Perhaps these were casualties of a limited space at the original venue or the late venue change? Interestingly there were still a number of visitors and certainly the DBA area had a number of people who were looking to pull armies out of storage and buy copies of the rules.
Overall a great venue, and for us a positive change as it greatly reduced our travel time. I have no idea who will host Natcon 2016, but I’m sure details will come out soon.


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