Naval Action in the Mediterranean

This few weeks has been full of gaming with a particularly focus on Ancients with events such as the Pokeno Invitational and Warclouds as well as several week night DBA or BBDBA games. However, last Friday Jon and I caught up for a game of “Sails of Glory”.

We settled on a scenario pitting two French frigates, Courageuse and Le Succes, against two English frigates, HMS Concorde and HMS Terpsichore. As has been the practice of late we opted to use the advanced rules.

The action began with the French advancing from the east while the English closed from the west. With the wing blowing from the north, each fleet attempted to gain the advantage of an upwind position. While the French deployed battle sail the English set full sail and slowly started to secure an upwind advantage. However, with the English focussed on gaining the best position the small French fleet turned to port and Courageuse opened fire on HMS Concorde.

Aware of a risk of shifting wind change the French fleet now continued to swing to port, while the English held course. The result being both English ships were able to stern rake the Courageuse. To compound matters further the port turn of the Courageuse was too tight and Le Succes collided with her. The result of both enemy fire and collision meant significant problems for the Courageuse. Indeed with fires, leaks and one mast suffering damage she was in a bad state. Crew losses now meant manning guns was impossible and instead her captain focussed on emergency repairs and survival.


Above, the French are shown in the foreground with Courageuse on the left and Le Succes on the right. As the French ships continued to port the English ships swung to starboard in an attempt to position port guns for firing. However, the French were on the move and placed distance between themselves and the English frigates.

As the afternoon progressed the two fleets manoeuvred back and forth each trying to gain some advantage with a series of long range shots all of limited effect. The Captain of HMS Concorde was particular focussed on positioning himself to deliver further broadsides on Courageuse.


Above, HMS Concorde (centre), prepares to engage Courageuse (right), while Le Succes (left foreground) prepares to deliver a broadside herself. However, with damage on both French ships limiting the effect of her cannons, even in such favourable positions, the French commander determined on escape. As dusk closed in the French ships damaged, but still seaworthy, broke off the action and made good their escape.

Another excellent game using “Sails of Glory”.


2 thoughts on “Naval Action in the Mediterranean

  1. Using all the advanced rules it probably took us around two hours, though we were a little rusty which slowed us further. With less advanced rules it is much quicker. Would you like to try a game Jim?

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