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The Year That Was…

With the end of 2016 almost here it seems an opportune time to reflect on my year of gaming. What’s been achieved, what hasn’t, and some general reflections. I’m not one for New Year resolutions but this year I intended to, and generally achieved, an increase in gaming activities. This meant a reduction of posts here as I focussed more on gaming and less on posting. All round this has been particularly pleasing change in focus.

I’m of course fortunate to have so many good natured opponents which has made this an enjoyable gaming year. Indeed, most weeks I’ve managed two gaming evenings. Tuesday has become a regular event with one player who approaches gaming generally from the same perspective as I do. This regular gaming slot has found us playing all manner of rule systems. DBA, BBDBA, DBR and Wings of War are regularly seen as the fit well into the available time. Each tends to go in phases with 300 point English Civil War encounters being the current phase.

Friday evening slots allow greater time for games and generally allow Volley & Bayonet encounters, occasionally supplemented with Spearhead or Modern Spearhead. Larger multiplayer Sails of Glory or Wings of Glory games feature when we are suffering from the impact of a busy work week. A larger group of players attend these events but organising these sessions can be a bit more hit and miss with many opponents travelling or suffering work commitments.

My attendance at wargaming conventions has been lower than I had hoped with only one out of town event and that being in Australia back in January. It seems a distant memory now. This was supplemented by DBA at Conquest here in Christchurch, which was pleasingly well supported by out of town players.

Yet there remains somewhat a hole in my convention gaming. I recall the many excellent Spearhead and Modern Spearhead events in Wellington in years past. It’s such a shame these are no longer organised.

What I haven’t achieved in the year is much progress with miniatures painting. A couple of small projects have been completed but in general the existing projects have languished yet again. Perhaps I need to add this to the list of aims for this year. For example I really need to complete my WWII Soviets for Spearhead, while progressing some long overdue expansion of other armies. Then there is a new 6mm Volley & Bayonet army that has been on my mind for a few years. Not to mention a large batch of 6mm Spanish I was gifted a few years ago. Goodness, the painting projects almost seem overwhelming!

So on reflection an excellent year of gaming. That said I’m rather looking forward to see what 2017 holds…


Mephisto – Australia’s A7V

Last weekend I managed a brief trip over to Canberra to attend Cancon. While being very much a quick trip, rather than combining it with a holiday, I did manage to call in briefly to the Australian War Memorial Museum. While I have visited several times I wanted to particularly visit the upgraded World War I exhibits.

Many of the older dioramas remained and remained well presented and interesting. In addition there had been considerable investment to upgrade and present various displays and interactive sections. However, it was the A7V which for me stole the show, not least it being the only such vehicle in existence. This particular vehicle, Mephisto, was captured at Battle of Villers-Bretonneux in April 1918. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so…


Above, a view from the front. Note the devil carrying a British tank. The supporting material of the exhibit outlined many of changes to markings and camouflage and the vehicles history. Below, a view of the rear.


Another side view, clearly showing some battle damage. 


In addition a photo of an Italian CV-33 tankette, which of course illustrates the change in doctrine during the inter-war years, an aspect I find fascinating.


As to Cancon itself I played in the DBA competition. A short summary of the DBA competition can be found here

In addition to my games I tried to visit a few demonstration games in surrounding areas of the convention hall. I’ve provided a few photos of one which in my mind was outstanding. Using 3mm figures this Moderns game, with its outstanding terrain, illustrated all the advantages of the smaller scales.


The villages, with Soviets deployed around them, looked first class and the woods well superb. Below, Americans seen advancing. 


Another view, taken later in the day now with helicopters in support. 


The Wargames Room Returns

My gaming room has been out of action for around three months. A combination of packing and unpacking and two months of repairs. Finally last weekend the unpacking had progressed sufficiently that the games room was operational.

First up Jim and I deployed two 15mm Renaissance armies on Wednesday for our regular mid-week gaming session. While I failed to take any photos the game was excellent. The terrain, primarily a small town and some enclosures, provided a particularly challenging battlefield. Musketeers exchanged fire in the streets and enclosures while pikemen, German mercenaries in Polish service, formed in deep formations to press the shallower Protestant regiments. An outstanding evening game breaking up the week.

Then on Friday evening several players gathered for a multiplayer Volley & Bayonet game using my 6mm miniatures. Robin and Adrian commanded the French and Allies while Alastair and I deployed the Prussians in an 1813 game. The game illustrated all the great points of Volley & Bayonet and indeed multiplayer games in general. A short report of the action can be found here.

It is certainly good to have “The Wargames Room” operational and to get back to pushing those little lead armies around during the evenings. Now, time to start organising another encounter…

A Busy Month…

It’s been a while since I’ve put pen to paper, or keyboard to blog, but thought I should try before another week ticks by. My gaming room has been out of action for over four weeks now as our house finally has joined the earthquake repair program. With with no games room I’ve headed to other venues each week for games.

During the time I’ve enjoyed a good number of DBR games which has seen some interesting battles between my ECW armies and Jim’s Later Poles. These evening games have typically seen the result going down to the wire. The 300 point format is ideal for these evening games with each lasting around 2 1/2 hours. The most recent being a very near run game with Polish light horse nearly getting into my baggage which was only saved by the breaking of the Polish left by my own Harquebusiers. 

My DBA armies have also been out in force with several enjoyable games using a couple of classical armies against various opponents, such as the one above. I’ve also finally played a couple of interesting games using John’s Wars of the Roses armies. These games provided my first experience with late European medieval armies. As I expected DBA 3.0 has improved the interaction of bill men and archers in historical scenarios.

To complete the gaming a great multiplayer WWII game using Wings of War ensured I haven’t completely lost my ability to take to the air. So while blogging has been minimal the gaming has been excellent.

March Ramblings 

Another month has all but gone and as a result it is time I posted a short update for those of you interested in my ramblings. My plan to spend more time gaming continues to play out well, be it in a reduction of posts here of course. This continues to be a result, in part, of my mid-week gaming sessions against a couple of different opponents. 

After a long period of inactivity my Wings of War models were pulled out and took to the sky. I had forgotten how enjoyable these games are and how simple the rules are, even with the altitude rules. Hopefully another session can be planned in the near future.

In addition I’ve enjoyed a few DBA games on various mid-week gaming sessions against a couple of different opponents. Romans, Successors and Japanese have all seen games, or multiple games, during the month. 

I’ve also managed a good number of Renaissance games at the weekends. Each has been based around the 300 point format which I continue to find enjoyable. This format ensures the games don’t last too long yet are challenging. A couple of photos of can be found here. Be warned however the photos are minimal and in no way can be considered a photo report.

Unfortunately, my plans for painting new armies has once again stalled. More figures have been undercoated, but the application of additional colours remains elusive. Perhaps I’ll make some progress in April…