Welcome to “Across the Table”, my virtual summary of events in “The Wargames Room” as well as a passing summary of those occasions that I venture out.

Through “Across the Table” I will document a selection of my wargaming activities in my real world wargames room as and when I get around to posting content. I will also, I’m sure, ramble on about various historical and wargaming thoughts as and when the occasion arises, so be warned! Periodically I will even venture out of the gaming room to attend local club events and every so often, conventions around the country.

In addition to providing a virtual summary of my gaming and historical interests this site acts as a portal to the various rules systems I use. You will find these sites listed in the menu. I encourage you to visit these sites for a more detailed coverage of the rule systems I use. These sites contain more focussed articles and occassionaly supporting material for the rule systems themselves.

You will have realised I actually game rather a number of periods. As way of background here is a brief overview of each.

For the Ancient & Medieval periods I use 15mm figures and De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA). I play both the smaller 12 element game as well as the larger “Big Battle” version.  My main focus has been the Classical period but various new armies are to be painted so this will expand as time progresses. Occasionally I manage a game of Lost Battles.

My Renaissance gaming is also in 15mm, where I use De Bellis Renationis (DBR). Initially my armies were those of English Civil War however, over the years I have added several more armies from the Renaissance adding further variety to my gaming of this general period. This is a fascinating period, and one I enjoy considerably.

Horse & Musket wargaming is a staple for me and here I use the Volley & Bayonet rules. These rules allow me to refight battles from 1700 to 1890 with period specific changes. Rather than use 15mm figures all my armies for this period are in 6mm. Currently my Napoleonics include French, Austrian, British, Austrian, Prussian and a few Russians.

Not content with the Napoleonic period I use the same rules, with period amendments for the American Civil War. Indeed, these amendments add great period flavour allowing the rules to be used for a wide period including the Seven Years War through to the Franco-Prussian War with each having a flavour of its own. With Volley & Bayonet our standard evening game involves battles with multiple corps.

As if this wasn’t enough I also enjoy wargaming the actions of World War II, the Cold War and Arab Israeli Wars. I do this using either the Spearhead and Modern Spearhead rules. Again I use 6mm, or 1/300th, for these periods which I feel allows me to capture the scale of these engagements on an average sized wargames table. Typically the games I play involve forces representing reinforcing brigades, but on occasion a division is placed on the table. If you have an interest in these periods have a look at the World War II and Modern sections.

You can follow this website by a range of tools including email and Twitter. By following the site you will be advised of updates as and when they happen. If you have a specific interest in one of the periods or rule sets I will be focusing on, I suggest you subscribe to these sites directly.

I do hope you find something of interest within these pages and that you visit this site periodically.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Keith nice improvement to your site, a quick question are you guys planning a Spearhead event at Natcon in CHC next year?

    Cheers Rex

  2. Any chance of cleaning up the “Champion Hill” map that is part of the errata? It is barely legible. Thanks in advance. Mitch (Oklahoma. USA)

  3. Hi,

    The blog is great and quite inspiring.

    I wonder if you still have the info on the Alsfeld Modern game that was run a few years ago? If you have anything you can share I’d be appreciative as I’m looking to do something similar, if on a smaller scale.

    Best regards,


    1. Thanks for your feedback.

      It was many years ago when I played in the Alsfeld game and then as a player not as an organiser. I don’t really have anything that would be that useful on it. Sorry about that.

    1. Dave, This is not a commercial site and no books are sold here. When I occasionally review items specific links are provided to the seller.

  4. Hi just saw the download link to Great Battles from History for DBA 3. I downloaded it and does look good. However, I subsequently saw it for sale as a print version from Caliver Books. There no copyright issue with the pdf is there? Thanks

    1. The compiler of Great Battles from History for DBA 3, Joe Collins, has made it available as a free download for personal use for those interested. So you are not breaching copyright.

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