Volley & Bayonet

Volley & Bayonet Road to Glory is without doubt one of my favourite rule systems.

In my view Volley & Bayonet is an excellent rule systems. It places you in command of an army and allows you to refight the great battles of history, not a small section of an historic battle. Our games, be they historical refights or fictional engagements, almost always involve multiple corps on each side yet the games are resolved in an evening.

The rule mechanics are simple yet subtle and provide a solid historical reproduction of battles during the black powder era. Period rules allow the same basic set of rules to be used to model warfare from 1700-1890 reducing complexity for those players interested in different wars of the period.

The basing system sees most units in 25mm or 15mm mounted on 3” square bases. Here 1” represents 100 yards. We often use 6mm and use a reduced scale where each base measures 1.5” square and 1” represents 200 yards. In both, each turn represents an hour.

To find out more you can visit my main Volley & Bayonet Website where you will find all manner of supporting material including free scenarios, guides, errata and other supporting material. In addition many of my recent battles are documented on my On Campaign with Volley & Bayonet blog.