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The New Zealand Wars in Miniature

One of the aims of this new website format here at “The Wargames Room” is the separation of my diverse wargaming interests into separate blogs. The thinking being that readers can subscribe to the periods that interest them the most, rather than being bombarded with updates on all manner of periods outside their main interests.

For a while now I have had the bare bones available with the various departments shown, on the left of this blog, and live feeds for these departments on the right. Over the last couple of days I’ve launched the next section or blog, specifically that dealing with the New Zealand Wars.

Initially this site will focus on the inter-iwi wars of the pre and post contact periods. As way of a starter I have posted a couple of introductory articles as well as two army lists. Feel free to visit the site and if you have an interest in this period then I encourage you to subscribe to this blog.