I use the Spearhead family of rules for my World War II & Cold War Wargaming. You can find content for WWII Spearhead & Modern Spearhead below.

World War II Spearhead

The Spearhead rules developed by Arty Conliffe allow wargaming the period from 1939 to 1945. The rules are designed for fighting brigade or divisional level actions.

While many rule sets for World War II warfare start with a technical bottom level approach, usually with detailed range and armour classes and little consideration to command or doctrine or planning, Spearhead does the opposite. Rather it starts from the top and works down. This results in significantly less detail in individual weapon systems but focusses on battalion and brigade level command issues. This allows the wargamer to operate at the level of brigade or divisional commander where command, planning and army doctrine are all important. The individual fighting stands then follow standard doctrine to execute, or at least attempt to execute, the commander’s plan.

You can find more background on the rule system along with several game reports on my WWII Spearhead blog here.

Modern Spearhead

Modern Spearhead are a standalone rules system as a development of the original rules. They are written by John Moher and Alex Macris, with assistance by Arty Conliffe. Like the World War to version the rules are designed for wargaming divisional level engagements. However, Modern Spearhead extends the mechanisms to cover combat from the late 1950’s to today.

My own focus is on the Arab-Israeli Wars of 1967 and 1973 as well as Cold War Europe in the 1980s. You can find more on the rules, and my own games, at my Modern Spearhead blog which can be found here.