Staying on Track

In recent weeks I’ve been focussing on some rebasing of miniatures. While rebasing isn’t as glamorous as seeing new miniatures roll off the production line I’m convinced spending time on basing quickly pays dividends. Likewise I feel investing time on terrain improves the visuals of the game.

One of my current gaming projects is to refight the Battle of Franklin using my 6mm miniatures. This American Civil War battle was fought in 1864 and is just south of Nashville, Tennessee. It’s long interested me and I had the pleasure of visiting the battlefield in 2018. I still need to post a few photos of my visit, but I shall leave that for another day.

Anyway, to refight Franklin I need some railway track. Finally this week I found time to complete this project. The track is from Irregular Miniatures and comes in 50mm lengths. I’ve always been impressed with much of Irregular’s terrain and use a selection of their range on my table. Specifically trees, fences, walls and field defences. Like the other items I think the railway track paints up well.

I have used a black undercoat to which I’ve dry brushed grey to represent ballast. Then the track sleepers are picked out with a faded brown for contrast. The tracks themselves are painted with Vallejo “Oiley Steel” before applying a matt varnish.

The final step was the selected application of a fine Woodland Scenic flock as used on my basing. This is locked in place with two applications of Woodland Scenics flock cement. I expressly didn’t apply a long line of flock. Instead sections of flock are used to break up the track edge and blend it with the basing used on the miniatures themselves.

Of course the track is useful for other battles. For the American Civil War Fredericksburg and Corinth spring to mind. But equally it will be useful for the Franco-Prussian War and of course 20th Century battlefields. With this in mind I’ve painted around 2.3m of track.

As to other items illustrated, the trees and split rail fences are from Irregular Miniatures while the buildings are from Timecast. The miniatures are of course all from Heroics & Ros.

2 thoughts on “Staying on Track

    1. Thanks Greg.

      I’ve not seen FOW tracks, but some of their other terrain is good and can be improved further with relatively simple enhancements.

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