Revisiting the Cold War

It seems that October has been something of a month for revisiting the Cold War. In part because one of my local opponents has had a little more free time. So it was with some enthusiasm that my Cold War Soviets were unpacked and deployed while we familiarised ourselves with the rules, Modern Spearhead. In both cases we used the Scenario Generation System to develop the scenario, so plenty of unknowns as we put together our forces for the games.

The first scenario, set in 1982, found the the Soviets conducting a hasty attack with two understrength regiments. One being a Tank Regiment (T-64 tanks and BMPs) while the other a Motor Rifle Regiment (BTR-60s and T-64 tanks). The cunning enemy comprised a scratch force drawing elements from the British 3rd Armoured Division. You can find photos and a game report here.

Our second game involved an encounter between a British Mechanised Brigade and a Soviet Motor Rifle Regiment, the last fielding BTRs and supporting T-64 tanks. Interestingly in this scenario both players decided to use fixed wing air support. Again, I’ve placed photos of this game, as well as a description on my Modern Spearhead site, you can find it here.

It was certainly good to get the Cold War miniatures out, and in both cases we were rewarded with two challenging and enjoyable games.

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