Naval Progress

A final push on the painting front has completed the initial batch of models for the planned naval actions in the Mediterranean during World War II. My main focus has centred around the models required for the Battle of Cape Matapan. Though, as mentioned previously, they have been supplemented by some additional ships to provide some variety especially in fictional encounters.

In total my Royal Navy contingent comprises some four battleships, one battle cruiser, two heavy cruisers, five light cruisers and 13 destroyers. The Regia Marina in contrast comprises four battleships, six heavy cruisers, two light cruisers and 17 destroyers. Considering I had no WWII vessels a few moths ago I feel a degree of satisfaction with the painting progress.

I must say I’ve really enjoyed the experience. The Navwar models are pleasing to paint with a good degree of detail. While I understand some people don’t use washes on naval models I feel mine have benefited from a wash, especially after some experimentation with density. The basing was something of an experiment, but I feel it lifts the models.

I have also completed the first few splash markers which, while also being needed for the rules, add some further visual interest. I next will attempt some further splash markers along with some markers to denote fires, though how these will be made requires some thought.

Finally, to support my naval adventures I have also started a small blog which will have a naval focus. If you are interested you can find it here. Currently it illustrates a number of the miniatures completed. In time I expect to expand it with other material. If naval wargaming is of interest do visit from time to time, or consider following the blog.

I now await the arrival of the next batch of models from Navwar. Hopefully they won’t be too long…


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