Decision at Antietam

For those readers watching our on-going American Civil War 160th anniversary series our most recent battle has now been fought, specifically the Battle of Antietam. A stirring action was fought, which involved over 2,000 6mm miniatures. In our engagement near the town of Sharpsburg General McClellan would press the Confederates for most of the day.

Miller’s Cornfield in 2015. The battle raged around here in 1862 and in our refight was the centre of attack and counterattack.

As would be expected our refight the fighting opened in the north around the Cornfield, the East and West Wood. Soon it would rage all along Antietam Creek, especially from the Middle Bridge to the Lower Bridge.

Burnside’s Bridge, or the Lower Bridge in 2015. A scene of intense fighting in 1862 and a focus of Union attacks in our refight.

As our battle progressed it deviated from the historic narrative. In particular our commanders, though limited by command challenges, attempted alternate strategies. Some working while others failed.

For those interested in our game I have two reports. The first is in a more traditional format which can be found here. For those preferring a more visual report a YouTube video can be found here.

We have now refought six of the battles of 1862, all in a relatively short timeframe. Some have even been refought multiple times providing a different experience. I have found such a focussed and intense series fascinating. As noted previously they have provided something of a campaign feel.

There will now however be a short pause in our American Civil War anniversary series. Yet, I envisage us reconvening in a couple of months for a battle or two in the west. Stay tuned…

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