Battles on Small Tables

We frequently play reasonably large Volley & Bayonet games, often involving two or more corps. Occasionally we play large games with several corps on each side. However, recently an opponent and I thought we would try playing remotely using Skype. As a result I thought it best to try a smaller game on equally small table. After a little thought Mollwitz was selected. With around 20,000 troops per side, as well as a small physical battlefield, measuring just 2’ x 2’ in our ground scale, it seemed ideal.

After building a snow covered battlefield the miniatures were deployed for what was a fascinating engagement. A summary of the first game can be found here. A week later we refought Mollwitz again. This time I recorded a summary of the game as a video. For those so inclined it can be found here.

More recently we deployed the miniatures again, but this time for a Napoleonic encounter. The battle selected was an old favourite, specifically, Teugn-Hausen from the 1809 Campaign. Again a relatively small table is required, measuring 3’ x 2’.

This battle, while still small, was more complex to refight due to the terrain – a particularly complex wooded ridge and various reinforcements throughout the battle. Despite these additional complexities it proved rewarding and closely followed the historical battle. I have compiled another short video report which can be found here.

Now it’s time to think of something suitable for our next remote game. Ideally it needs to be fought on a reasonably small battlefield with limited troops…

4 thoughts on “Battles on Small Tables

  1. Keith
    Good to see you keeping active in the wargames arena…the small battle remote games are, by the look if it, creating an interesting dynamic. I suspect you’ll be keen to return to F2F games at some stage thigh.
    Stay safe

    1. I would expect a return to normal face to face gaming will occur at some point. That said small games can be enjoyable as we have proven in the past.

    1. Thanks, I think the tables have come up well. I always think an investment in terrain adds so much to a game.

      Our usual Volley & Bayonet tables are 4’ x 3’ which aren’t really large. We also often can have four to six players involved in these games. But I can equally enjoy these smaller battles.

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