The Year Ahead

Well, I am really pleased with the painting and games I’ve managed last year. Armies have grown and some stirring games have been played. Not a minor achievement in a challenging year where the pandemic has rolled on while also changing employer. Yet somehow January has come and gone. How it disappeared so quickly I’m not really sure. Worse those minor wargaming projects I had planned to action over January have also failed to be started, never mind completed. This of course provides a degree of concern for other projects being considered for the year.

So what are these projects for the year I hear you ask? Well I feel this year I really do want to complete some additional historical refights. Some require only minor additions to the miniatures I have, others a little more work. All are in 6mm, which increasingly is my focus. Here is my current list, subject to change of course…

Firstly, I must completing the terrain project required for the American Civil War Battle of Stones River (1862). December will mark the 160th anniversary so there is some time. In addition a stocktake is required to determine what other minor painting is required for a couple of other battles of the Civil War in 1862, including Second Manassas and Antietam.

Next is completing the Seven Years War Austrians required for Kolin. The Austrian army is certainly playable but with a little more focus I should be able to complete the last infantry and cavalry required to expand the army to that needed for Kolin. There is a degree of satisfaction that the SYW Prussians were completed last year, so surely I can assemble the paint brushes for a final push on the Austrians. There is a possibility I may get distracted with some terrain for a minor battle of the period. Distractions are so dangerous.

Finally, I must return to the Hundred Days project. With the Prussian reinforcements having arrived a couple of months ago from Heroics & Ros there needs to be a focus on at least completing one more Prussian Corps this year. Clearly I need to do some planning on this. The additional Prussians will of course be so useful for 1813 games, that at least is what I’m telling myself as I write this.

This all sounds like a busy year. It would however be remiss of me to ask about your projects. So, what are they?

7 thoughts on “The Year Ahead

  1. Looks like a lot of H&M planned for the coming year Keith. My next project, starting today, is to do enough elements, 21 or so, to cover the 4 different armies that are covered by the Three Kingdoms of Korea DBA armies. Then perhaps to bring my post Mongol Russian are up to 3.0 standard.


    1. Your project sounds very interesting Greg. What figure manufacturer are you planning to use?

      I really was tempted to add some DBA armies to the list, but I’m concerned the target is already a stretch for me.

      1. I’ll be using Khurusan’s 3 Kingdoms Korean range, and I’ll also be using Khurusan late 14th century range to upgrade the Russians. I’ve just started the Koreans with work commenced on the sole Ps element.

  2. I must say I am looking forward to your ACW project this year, for somewhat selfish reasons. Firstly the interest in the period, and secondly as a great motivation point to help inspire me to finish my own project list.

    Good luck with your progress, February is now a third over and I feel like it simple vanished.

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