To the Ostfront

This year has seen considerably less Spearhead games than I would have liked. In part this was due to moving house and all that comes with that. Christmas holidays have finally allowed me the opportunity to deploy some miniatures.

But which armies should we use? Well, having made significant progress this year on painting a good number Soviets I was particularly keen to use them. Given I have been painting both early and late war formations even then the choice was not straight forward. The Soviets certainly have have some interesting early war vehicles and within Spearhead provide some command challenges. But the appeal of T-34s in the late war rolling forward is also appealing.

After some discussion we finally opted to use two armies from 1944. The T-34s would soon be moving across the table as, most likely, the Soviets would be on the offensive. But of course, what is likely can’t always be counted on. Instead it was the Soviets who were on the defensive and the Germans were conducting a counterattack.

If you are interested a few photos and something of a summary can be found here.

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