Christmas Bells

A regular event here is the annual “Snoopy’s Christmas” Wings of War evening held just prior to Christmas. It’s a great way to finish the gaming year and now something of a tradition. Therefore on Friday evening a group of us gathered to once again test our skills in the air. The colourful biplanes and the odd two seater was unpacked and the missions determined.

Our first encounter was a simple dogfight over the Western Front in the mid war period. Unfortunately the details the combats are now lost to time. For my part I fielded an Albatross D.III and was supported by another Albatross and a Fokker Dr.I.

Our second scenario was a balloon busting expedition with the allies fielding a rocket firing Nieuport 16 supported by a Sopwith Camel and rather colourful Spad XIII. The Nieuport is an interesting machine. The standard armament is a single Lewis machine–gun, set in a difficult to reach position over the upper wing but when used in balloon busting missions it can also be armed with four Le Prieur rockets on each side. There are of course a few special rules to consider when using rockets.

The Germans would be defending the observation balloon with an Albatross D.Va and a Fokker D.VII. The ensuing game was full of confusion as allied aircraft spent much time avoiding the massive balloon while try desperately to pour fire into it.

Despite a couple of failed attempts to fire the Le Prieur rockets the Nieuport pilot finally managed to launch the rockets and destroy the already heavily damaged balloon. Below, the Nieuport pilot prepares to unleash his rockets.

Finally, we finished the evening with an enjoyable late war dogfight with a mix of aircraft taking to the sky.

These included a Breguet 14, a Spad XIII and a Sopwith Snipe while the opposing them were a hopelessly outclassed two seater UFAG and an Aviatik D.I. of the Austrian-Hungarian airforce.

Above the UFAG gets a parting shot from the tail gunner on a Spad. Below the much dreaded Breguet.

The UFAG C.1 pilot, while dishing out some damage to the Breguet, was finally shot down leaving the Aviatic pilot to finally make a break for home. 

With that we finished another excellent evening of Wings of War and Snoopy’s Christmas celebrations for 2019.

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