Those Magnificent Machines

Last night, as part of The Grand Opening of my new wargames room, seven of us gathered for a little Wings of War action. Having previously settled on the period of the Great War a mix of aircraft were unpacked. Then, their engines were started and the canvas and timber machines clawed their way into the sky over the Western Front for what was to be a most enjoyable evening.

The first scenario was particularly simple affair simply based on dog fight between a mix of Allied fighters and the determined German pilots.

Above, a Spad flies past, narrowly missing one German machine while a Fokker Dr.I and a Fokker D.VII prepare to engage.

Below, having engaged each other a selection of aircraft break-off before trying to gain some advantage in the next attack runs.

Below, another view of the dogfight as the aircraft all attempt to fly in the same space.

Our next scenario found a Zeppelin-Staaken R.VI making a rather brave daylight raid over the front line with, what would turn out to be, totally inadequate fighter support in the form of a Aviatik D.I.

Now, I thought the Staaken would fly a generally straight course to its target but instead it weaved back and forth trying to dislodge the gaggle of fighters that gathered to its rear.

Above and below views of the engagement with the Staaken. The size of this aircraft never fails to impress me.

Alas for the Staaken an engine explosion made its task increasingly difficult and eventually she was shot down, well before reaching her target.

Our final mission of the evening of was an Allied bombing mission involving an Airco DH.4, Breguet 14 and an RE.8.

Above, the three Allied bombers fly in formation while below a the DH.4 is about to be engaged.

The DH.4 was the first casualty of the mission the aircraft being shot down some distance from the important town and rail junction which was the focus of the raid. However, the other two Allied machines delivered their bombs and returned to base, though it must be admitted the RE.8 was particular worse for wear!

Another fine and colourful evening in the skies above the Western Front with those magnificent flying machines.

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