The Grand Opening

I am fortunate to have had a dedicated wargames room for the last 20 years. It has provided me with hours of entertainment as various friends and I have moved all those miniatures across the tabletop. Memories have been made, history discussed and great battles won and lost in equal measure. However, over the last year or so we have been planning a move and finally it came time to pack up the old wargames room.

But moving house can take a while. As a result I have been without a dedicated gaming area for almost four months as we first prepared to and then moved house. Then having arrived there was the unpacking and prioritisation. Everything had an order. Without a dedicated space my gaming has been limited to DBA sized games on a small table. These games have been most enjoyable but I admit I have been yearning for the larger multiplayer games which have been a feature of my Friday evening gaming for many years.

The good news is that over the last few weeks the gaming room has finally come together. Bookcases have relocated from our old house and have been repainted. New chairs and rugs have been purchased. Late last week various military prints were positioned or hung on walls. These were supplemented by a few recently purchased items to create the desired feel in the war room. Then new mugs, glasses and even a kettle found its way to the kitchenette. It was clear the new games room was coming together!

Change can bring opportunity and for me this meant a larger gaming room. My intention was to have more space for multiplayer games and to allow more than one table to be setup. This would allow those occasional larger games or multiple events to be played. Something I had found a little restrictive in the previous location. Further, I wanted a dedicated sitting area so that on occasion we could sit down and talk, discussing those finer points of the battle planned or resolved. Above, the general setup with one table ready for use.

Now to the gaming. I’m pleased to report that over the last week two gaming evenings have been in held. The first a small Franco-Prussian War game using Volley & Bayonet. It was great to get the figures and familiarise ourselves with the FPW.

Then last night “The Grand Opening” of the Wargames Room took place. For this a series of multiplayer Wings of War games were held with seven players in attendance.

Above and below, Wings of War encounters can be seen underway on the second table with many Magnificent Machines aiming to secure the skies over the Western Front in the Great War. We have been joined for the evening by the resident dog, just visible above, who has taken a liking to the cowhide rug from which to observe the antics in the air.

With a fine single malt whiskey opened for the occasion, as well as a range of beers, and nourished by a selection of foods it proved an excellent evening of gaming.

It seems “The Wargames Room” is once again open for business. Stay tuned for more action “Across the Table” in the latest wargames room in Lincoln.

8 thoughts on “The Grand Opening

  1. Congratulations Keith on the inauguration of your dedicated wargaming room. It does look a quite luxurious and inviting space.

  2. It seems you are missing a cat box. Don’t all game rooms come with one? Mine does.
    Congrats…looks to be an awesome space!

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