USS Cairo

Today I have started to explore the Vicksburg National Military Park, but unfortunately progress has been slow due to significant periods of rain. Hopefully, weather permitting, I will complete the key elements tomorrow and in due course post an overview of my visit. However, I felt a few photos of USS Cairo deserves its own post.

Cairo was an ironclad of the City class and was part of the Western Gunboat flotilla. She operated on the Mississippi and Ohio rivers and tributaries. In December 1862 she was sunk by a mine and sank in twelve minutes. Her resting place on the Yahzoo River was over the years was lost. However, eventually relocated she was raised from the mud in 1964.

A view of the port side of Cairo. Cleary visible are the forward facing guns as well as several port facing cannon. Supporting beams are visible, which also indicate the general shape, along with her original timbers.

Above, a wonderful view from the inside showing her paddle wheel and associated drive.

Here, her five boilers seen from the inside centre. The firebox on the left is apparently a reconstruction.

Above and below, views of the starboard side of Cairo. Above additional railway iron fitted to protect her while below showing iron plate.

The cannon were a mix of rifled and smoothbore pieces and of various sizes. The cannons themselves are her originals, though the carriages are reproductions.

Below, a view of her stern. The timber in her rudders are mostly new.

Another view of her stern, now from a port perspective.

I had been looking forward to seeing Cairo and I was well rewarded by my visit. I hope this selection of these photos proves of interest to some.


3 thoughts on “USS Cairo

  1. While I’ve never been a fan of ACW land warfare, the naval side I find fascinating. My brother and I spent an enormous amount of time in the mid-80s playing Yaquinto’s “Ironclads”.

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