Rising Sun in the East

For many weeks our regular Tuesday evenings gaming slot has been earmarked for DBA. However, over the last two Tuesdays my regular opponent and I have taken to the skies for a little Wings of Glory action. For my part I have opted to get several Japanese aircraft in the air. After all they have been in their hangers for far too long!

I thought I would post a few photos of this evening’s two games along with a brief of description. Combined I hope they provide some interest and capture a little of the flavour.

First up a lumbering Val is tasked with a dive bombing mission. Here, the Val seems somewhat isolated. The supporting Zeros having opted for a wide sweep in support, coming in from the left.

Above and below the fighters engage. The Spitfire on the right suffered the concentrated fire of two Zeros. The Val is visible in the centre distance.

The Spitfire suffered heavy damage initially and was the target for another burst from one of the Zeros, while the other focussed on the Hurricane. Below, the situation just prior to the Spitfire going down.

The Zeros, now tailing the Hurricane, pursued with determination until the Hurricane also went down.

This first encounter was soon followed by a second game again pitting a Hurricane and Spitfire against Zeros but without the Val. The Japanese pilots attempted to maintain their formation while the British pilots conducted more complex manoeuvres.

In particular the Hurricane broke left early in an attempt to flank the Japanese. This complex manoeuvre was particularly risky and resulted in the Spitfire facing the two Zeros initially unsupported.

Head on passes are particularly dangerous in World War II and the Zero’s were tonight particularly effective. Alone, the Hurricane pilot opted for a battle of manoeuvre.

Turning, diving and looping he was difficult to catch. So difficult in fact that one Zero pilot, attempting to complete a Split-S, miscalculated his airspeed and lost control of his aircraft! I really need to check the rules more often!

Despite watching a Zero fall from the sky the Hurricane, now heavily damaged, broke off and ran for home. Another victory for the pilots of Japan, well at least until next time…

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