War Wagons, Castles & Tweets

As those of you who are unfortunate enough to follow me on Twitter know I’ve managed a couple of DBA gaming sessions this week. Twitter you say, really? Yes I’ve been experimenting with Twitter for a while now. Professionally I’m trying to understand social media a little more. Forcing myself to try different forms of communication if you like. From a hobby perspective it seems a useful way to post a couple of photos of my games which don’t warrant the investment in time to post here. I’m of course not sure if it is of value to punters though as my “Twitter Followers” are few. Perhaps I need to be more outspoken as has been the case of some Presidents?

Anyway, for those without Twitter here are a couple of photos of this week’s games which I really thought needed to be highlighted a little more.

Firstly, above and below, a couple of photos from Tuesday’s excellent encounter between my Wars of the Roses English and Jim’s new Hussites. The massed War Wagons certainly had me scratching my head especially when the English cannon were destroyed early on! Another engagement is on the cards this coming week.

Then, for those with a model making bent, don’t miss my post on another opponent’s excellent use of his recently completed castle for use with his Yi Dynasty Koreans.


Above, the scratch built castle, complete with Korean garrison. Below, a photo of another battle, with the castle now in Japanese control, just visible in the distance.

You will find a more detailed post in the Ancient wargaming section here.

It’s is good to get my regular gaming for 2018 underway. Watch out for more late night tweets as the year develops…

6 thoughts on “War Wagons, Castles & Tweets

    1. Thanks Jonathan. I have been fortunate. I believe I’ve had the good fortune to have had played played eight DBA games and four of Spearhead and we are at the 20th of the month. Of course being back at work now means this stunning start won’t be maintained.

  1. Enjoyed your post, very interesting thoughts about twitter, I suppose as a community, having found blogs, I think many of us lost our adventurous spirit and stopped there, before exploring facebook / twitter, though I understand that FB is gaining some traction. The interesting difference for me is that the blog allows a 5000 word article, which is easily archived / searchable if that’s want you want to do, where-as twitter / FB are much more transient. Each meets a writing / presentation style, though I think as a society we are defaulting to a shorter, punchier delivery, because if you don’t, people wander off in their search of the ‘fast consumable’

    1. I tend to agree Norm. I particularly like your use of “fast consumable”. A considered article is superior in my view than a quick unconsidered one. However, I’m finding the very short character limit of Twitter makes me at least consider the point I’m trying to make. This was a surprise to me.

      I hope that people find my blog posts of interest. But I’m not entirely sure they return for previous articles. That said I’ve tried to make that an option by design. In many ways the greatest benefit of blogs is it is easy to access and consume on a mobile device. Indeed, this blog is even now entirely created with mobile devices. My phone for photo creation which is followed by my photo editing and article creation on my tablet.

      I’m not a fan of Facebook and only just opened account to follow a dog breeder as we looked to purchase a dog. I’m still not convinced by Facebook. But many are. It is all rather fascinating.

  2. Hello, Keith,
    I just ran across your blog. Apologies for the off topic reply, but I couldn’t find a contact email. You may recall me from the VnB Yahoo group. I dropped out of Yahoo and have since created my own blog where I have two Volley and Bayonet content pages, one for the Nine Years War variant (where I have migrated all of the material that used to be in the Yahoo Group) and one with a 19th Century Battalion Scale variant (something new). As you work on getting your Volley and Bayonet page up to date, you might consider adding these to your list of resources.

    My blog:
    Ed M’s Wargames Meanderings

    Vnb Resource Pages:
    Ed M’s Nine Year’s War Scenarios and Resources
    Ed M’s 19thC VnB Bn Scale Variant

    Cheers, Ed M

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