Hungarian Military Museum 

I managed a short visit today to the Military Museum in Budapest. Located on Castle Hill the museum sits in the northwest corner and occupies two levels.

By international standards the museum is not large. However, it covers several interesting periods and the role Hungarians played in these wars. In general the exhibits deal with the period from 1815 and predominantly the 1848 Revolution, the Great War, World War II and the era of communist rule, including the 1956 Uprising. Each period was presented well with a clear summary of both the political and military aspects in play during each period.

In addition to these main periods the wars of 1919-20 and the reorganisation of Hungarian army after the Great War and through to 1939 received coverage.

Small arms and uniforms formed the focus of many displays. All included good descriptions in English. That said, a knowledge of some of the evolutionary changes of various weapons may be useful. I didn’t take a large number of photos however, here are a few of the larger items.

Above, a 6pdr from the Hungarian Revolution of 1848.

A small selection of complete artillery systems were on display. Above, and below, a couple of the larger pieces from the Great War.

As mentioned most items are displayed in cabinets, though there were several exceptions. Of those a number I felt some from the Siege of Budapest were particularly well done. Here, two adjoining rooms, one Axis and one Soviet, have been used to illustrate the intensity of the fighting during siege.

A fascinating museum which I would recommend visiting.

2 thoughts on “Hungarian Military Museum 

  1. is it still closed on Mondays? I was on a tour of Habsburg cities about 25 years ago and unfortunately the day we had in Budapest was the day of the week that all the museums were closed.

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