Eagles on the Weissbach

A very busy January has prevented any Volley & Bayonet so it was pleasing to finally be able to organise a multiplayer game for last Friday evening. 

I’ve been using Volley & Bayonet, across two versions, for well over 20 years. Yet every time I use them I’m reminded how much enjoyment they provide and how they create a game that follows the accounts of the great battles of the period. Dramatic events unfold as armies comprising multiple divisions and corps manoeuvre and clash on the table.

We opted to use the Road to Glory System to develop the scenario with each army comprised of 3000 points of troops. With 1813 armies often comprising poorly drilled troops. Therefore even 3000 points can produce reasonable sized armies. I was particularly keen to deploy my Austrians and prepared for a dynamic engagement. I just hadn’t realised how dynamic the upcoming battle would be!

These days I don’t attempt to provide photo reports of all my games, but this time I felt I should make an exception. Therefore a short account of our game can be found here. I’m looking forward to our next encounter in a weeks time…


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