The Cold War Continues

There seems to be a bit of a theme here at the moment with two additional Modern Spearhead games being played over recent weeks. As always I find the Spearhead stable of rules produce both extremely enjoyable games, but ones that model well the layers of command and combat of the period very well. Yet for some reason, which really escapes me, Spearhead or indeed Modern Spearhead are not the most popular games around.

Anyway, that aside our two recent games were first class. First up Andrew and I deployed our forces for a clash between my West Germans and Andrew’s Soviets in an excellent 1982 scenario. Instead of deploying his Soviet Naval Infantry, as I expected him to, Andrew opted for a second rate armour heavy Soviet force which deployed the better part of two full regiments. Then, advancing on a narrow frontage, the Soviets advanced sweeping aside the outnumbered West Germans. A fascinating game from start to finish. Follow the link to a short report of the game Achtung Panzer.

Two weeks later Robin and I faced each other in another game, also set in 1982. Robin fielded his British which he operates extremely effectively in a defensive posture while I fielded my Soviets. Another fascinating game was the result. Again the game well illustrated the strengths of the rules. Reconnaissance, planning, resource allocation, combined arms all played a significant part. A short report outlining  Golubev’s Gamble, can be found here.

I need to start thinking about another game…


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