Baltic Diversions

Taking advantage of a long weekend Andrew and I decided to deploy our forces for another Modern Spearhead encounter on Saturday, set as often the case set in 1982. Well in advance we started planning for the scenario. With Andrew opting to field a Soviet force I would field either my West Germans or French. After changing my mind a few times I opted for the French.

As regular readers know we use a Scenario Generation System to balance our Modern Spearhead games. Part of the Scenario System is a points process that helps balance the various scenario elements. As the French AMX-30 tanks and AMX-10P combat teams are expensive, especially when NATO command and control is considered, hard choices must be made. I decided to take considerable artillery assets which I hoped would allow French to win the artillery war. Then as the ground attack gained momentum French fixed wing air assets wold deliver critical blows against Soviet counter-attacks.

Now, I was expecting to deploy against conventional Soviet forces, though likely operating older equipment, such as T-55s. To my surprise Andrew had been painting and opted for a Soviet Naval Infantry force. So while he fielded a few T-55s there were more PT-76s supporting his BTRs with a range of naval aircraft and helicopters.

The result was an encounter on the NATO Baltic flank. Following the landings of Soviet Naval Infantry on the Denmark coast Western forces moved rapidly to prevent the expansion of the Soviet beachhead. Electronic warfare, SAM suppression, counter-battery fires, deep flank marches, dramatic road dashes and air support were some of the significant events in the unfolding action as French forces pressed their attacks while Soviet forces attempted to consolidate their initial gains. A report of the action, supported by a series of photos, can be found here.


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