Drive on Mantinghausen – 1982

Enthused by our last Modern Spearhead game Robin, Andrew and I penciled in our next encounter which took place, as planned, last Saturday evening.

After the relatively poor Soviet showing in our previous game I spent several hours contemplating possible Soviet force structures. We use the Scenario Generation System to generate our games and a component of this is creating a list which is modified by adding options. This time I made several changes to both the defend and attack lists creating further variety. Yet my concerns regarding my British opponent, well equipped with tanks, infantry, artillery and air assets remained.

Ideally you want a balanced force with the various components supporting each other. Of course making all this work on the battlefield is difficult. Your plan must merge these various component parts to overcome the enemy forces with due consideration to time, space and economy of force. With the Scenario Generation System there never seems to be sufficient forces, a design feature, which ensurers players must often make difficult choices on what to include and as importantly, what not to include.

As it transpired in our most recent game the Soviets were on the offensive and opted for a Hasty Attack. After significant discussion between both Soviet commanders a plan, based on limited reconnaissance, was issued to the various combat elements and the allocation of support element from division and above made. Then the Soviet forces were unleashed.

A report of this most enjoyable game, “The Drive on Mantinghausen” can be found here.


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