Counter-Attack Near Metz

It seems we are in “Spearhead mode” at the moment. Taking advantage of a long weekend Jim and I deployed two 1944 formations for a World War II Spearhead game. The scenario found a elements of 17th SS Panzer Grenadier Division undertaking a hasty attack on a defending regiment drawn from the 5th American Infantry Division.

The game highlighted many of the aspects of a well balanced scenario. The Americans were reasonably well supported but stretched in defence. A number of gaps in the American dispositions existed and with good planning could be exploited. There was room for concentration of effort with multiple battalions and supporting weapons working together.  However, the friction of battle could result in delays which needed to be avoided if the momentum of attack is to be maintained.

Indeed, in our battle the German plan got underway on time and excellent initial progress was made. First objectives were seized and follow on attacks began. However, some of the subsequent attacks took longer than planned resulting in other battalions becoming overcommitted. Now blocking troops and local counter-attacks caused problems for the German commander as the battle swung against the Germans.

A report of our engagement “Götz von Berlichingen – Advance!” can be found here.


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