Unleashing the Soviets

It has been far too long since I’ve played a Modern Spearhead game so it was good to place the models on the table and refresh myself with the rules last night. There is no doubt the rules are more complex than Spearhead, due to the more complex battlefield. However, this complexity provides many layers of depth as players shape the battlefield.

In our game for example the British player, having organised his forces for a hasty attack on Soviet defenders, conducted a series of electronic warfare attacks that located various SAM systems so they could be progressively neutralised for upcoming air attacks. Counter-battery assets were focussed on the detection and rapid destruction of Soviet artillery assets reducing their impact on the limited British ground forces.

Soviet assets, limited due to heavy casualties and dispersed due to tactical requirements, needed to be protected for maximum benefit in critical phases of the battle. Consideration needed to be given to likely enemy routes of advance and supporting defensive positions adopted to maximise firepower. Reserves, even when limited, need to formed and maintained to ensure an ability to react to a flexible enemy.

You can read a little about our most recent game involving the defence of Neuwallwitz on my Modern Spearhead blog.


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