Envious of Glory

It’s been a while since I have posted here as I’ve been somewhat distracted getting a Macedonian and Punic Wars underway. You can find more on the Empire Campaign here if you are interested. In between playing rather a lot of Ancients games I’ve managed a few Renaissance encounters as well as a couple of Napoleonic battles using Volley & Bayonet. Clearly too much time playing games to post here, a real problem I’m sure. Tonight however, we managed a short Napoleonic naval game using Sails of Glory, it was long overdue.

I won’t try and write a detailed report but instead provide a couple of photos. Our game involved the British 1st Raters HMS Britannia and HMS Royal George engaged against the French Orient and Montagne, also 1st Raters.

Above, HMS Britannia follows the Royal George around. Both ships carry around 100 guns and have a respectable speed. In the distance the French Orient and Montagne can be seen. Below, another view now of the French squadron with the Orient in the foreground. Both French ships are from the Ocean class and carry around 120 guns. These vessels are difficult to manoeuvre, even compared to 3rd Raters.

The French vessels managed to secure an early concentrated firing position enabling a couple of solid broadsides where they gained a slight advantage before both squadrons passed each other. Now each squadron manoeuvred for the advantageous position.

The French ships managed to secure a position slightly upwind of the British squadron. Which found the French ships concentrating their fire again. At the end of this second determined exchange the British squadron broke off with the Royal George heavily damaged.

A very enjoyable evening illustrating the playability and challenges of Sails of Glory.

2 thoughts on “Envious of Glory

  1. Curiously French ship was named Montagne till 22 October 1793, after which she was named Peuple on 25 May 1795 and then Océan on 30 May 1795. At the same time, what was known later Orient, was Sans Culotte until 21 May 1975. So, technically, the action (regardless of the unlikelyhood of two ships of that class ever being a part of same squadron, not to mention being alone) must have occurred between 25 May and 30th of May 1795.

    Britannia was recovering from the indecisive battle of Genoa at the time but that a side, what is most interesting is the fate of HMS Royal George. No wonder latter had low fighting spirit, since it foundered on 29 August 1782 at Spithead. Ghosts do not fight very well.

    1. Thanks for your post and background. The encounter was not intended as an historical refight, but rather an oppurtunity for my opponent to try two new British 1st Raters that had recently arrived.

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