DBMM Revised

While my main Ancients wargaming these days revolves mostly around DBA I maintain an interest in Phil Barker’s other rule set DBMM. As such I have purchased each of the two previous versions of DBMM and played a handful of games. Today my copy of his latest version of DBMM was delivered, specificaly version 2.1.

Ancients of course is fragmented these days, which I don’t believe is a bad thing. So why do I still have an interest in DBMM, when I play a reasonable amount of DBA? Well, DBMM has some appealing features for me. Obviously it provides some additional depth. Now I don’t want to spend hours playing a single game some extra depth can be appealing on occasion. I see DBMM’s additional depth in its special rules for weather, ambushes and stratagems. Now, I have no plans to build large armies but rather expect any games I play to use smaller armies comprised of 200 to 300 points, much like my 300 point DBR games and BBDBA armies.

This latest version of DBMM, like DBA, is availiable as a hardback. It comprises 77 pages with a solid binding. The core rules run to around 40 pages. This is supported by around 17 pages of diagrams, which like DBA will add much to understanding of the rules. The most obvious change to the presentation, apart from the binding, is the increased font size.

Interestingly, and something new for DBMM, is the inclusion of a selection of sample army lists. These comprise four matched pairs, so eight lists in total, with one pair drawn from each of the old army list books. The format is that which DBM/DBMM players will be familiar with and runs to around 13 pages. The historical pairs included comprise:

  • Hittite Empire and New Kingdom Egyptian;
  • Alexandrian Macedonian and Later Achaemenid Persian;
  • Middle Anglo-Saxon and Viking;
  • Hundred Years War English and Feudal French.

Now, I don’t expect to play a large number of DBMM games but those I do will likely focus on more themed games between historical or near historical opponents. Therefore I rather like the concept matched pairs as way of an introduction and encouragement for the use of historical opponents. Before I can consider some games however I need to spend some time reading the rules…

DBMM 2.1 is on sale on Amazon in the UK and is priced at £17.99.

7 thoughts on “DBMM Revised

    1. More evolutionary really, from my understanding. Though as I haven’t played v2.0 often enough I won’t be able identify many of the subtle changes on first reading.

      Version 2.0 has been out of print for a while which has been a problem for people trying to obtain the rules.

  1. Tempting, Keith, very tempting. I can see however that I’d never get around to playing them.

    Thanks for the review

    1. Yes, it can be a juggle trying different rules systems when gaming time is short. As Jim is rather keen to play DBMM I’m sure I will get some games soon enough.

    1. DBA, and BBDBA, are a great set of rules. I envisage using them for most of my Ancient & Medieval gaming in the future as well. Indeed, another great evening last night using DBA for three Wars of the Roses encounters.

      There are many choices for wargamers these days.

      1. Too true… and tonight we are playing a Big battle HotT (admittedly only double size at this stage, but aiming for the appropriate 3x armies). Works so well.

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