Messerschmitt Mayhem

This evening, during our mid-week game, we decided on a 1940 encounter which would see the Luftwaffe tangling with the RAF using Wings of Glory. Jim was keen to use his Spitfires again while I hoped my Me-109s would perform better than they had the previous week. Now, I won’t try and compile a report of our game but instead I will just try and describe, briefly, a couple of photos.

The Germans opted for a simple tactic of a rapid high speed attack run towards a Spitfire Mk II in a staggered formation. In the initial pass one of the Me-109s clipped the Spitfire. Below, the Messerschmitts sweep through. The lead Me-109 suffered some rudder damage from a burst of enemy fire. In the background a Spitfire Mk I (light grey), sweeps in in a wide arc to support the MkII visible on the left.

Below, another view of the initial pass.

An airborne melee soon developed. The Spitfire pilots weaved back and forth often conducting Immelmann turns which ensured they were potentially on the tail of an Messerschmitt soon after a pass. However, such tactics could sometimes be expected.

Below a Messerschmitt runs in on the Mk I Spitfire that has just completed a turn. A well aimed burst caused the Spitfire to explode moments later.

Now outnumbered the remaining Spitfire gained altitude and played cat and mouse with the Germans. Both the German and English pilot able to achieve the odd burst of fire in these manoeuvres. However, the German pilots eventually reformed and manoeuvred for another run, the rear aircraft providing a level of support as a wingman. Below, the first Me-109 pumped the Spitfire in a head on pass, suffering heavy damage in the process.

Below, an alternate view from the perspective of the Spitfire with the Me-109s coming in. In the distance the second Me-109 can be seen closing at speed.

It was this following Messerschmitt that delivered the final devasting burst of fire. The second Spitfire erupted in a ball of fire.

An excellent evening using Wings of Glory. Rumours abound of Spitfires and Hurricanes tangling with incoming Me-110s next. It will likely be a very different encounter.


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