Pawns Against Panzers – France 1940

Spearhead gaming has continued here with two excellent games being played. Earlier in the week Jim and I caught up for another 1944 game between his Americans and my Germans. You can find a report of the game here. Yesterday evening Robin and I deployed our forces for a 1940 game set in France. As is normal here the games involve reinforced brigade level actions that provide plenty of challenges but allow the game to be fought in an evening.

However, it has been a long time since my early war Panzers have been out of the box. In the past I’ve played a number of games set in Russia during 1941 but few in France. Given I had some time during the holidays, in between reading and gardening, I set out to rebase my Early War Panzers. The models are veterans, painted many years ago. Yet once the basing was complete, and some quick highlighting to enhance the models, they were ready for the table.

One of the most obvious difference in 1940 is the basic nature of the tanks. German tanks generally have a main armament of a 20mm cannon or 37mm gun while Panzer I, only a machine gun. All of which are of limited value when confronted with infantry. The armour on these vehicles is also thin, making them vulnerable to anything larger than a machine gun. Fortunately the British are much the same, with the exception of the Matilda tanks. Of course Spearhead doesn’t focus on armour thickness or weapon penetration. Instead, your placed in the role of a brigade or divisional commander where you really need to consider higher level tactics and command and control.

If you are interested I encourage you visit my Spearhead blog where a report outlines our game, Pawns Against Panzers.

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