Tales of Valhalla 

I play a range of rules systems but a regular favourite is WWII Spearhead.

Spearhead provides a depth of game that places a player squarely in the position of command of a reinforced regimental formation, or larger. Rather than focus on minor tactical detail the player is forced to consider lines of advance, combined arms and manoeuvre warfare. In a good scenario tactical problems will need to be solved, often involving limited intelligence of the enemy’s dispositions.

As the game develops the miniature forces suffer combat stress and the commanders plan is tested. Was his plan sound? Can it adapt to the changing situation on the ground? Was sufficient resources allocated or does the changing situation require the commitment of reserves?

A short report of our most recent game Tales of Valhalla outlines a German attack in late 1944 against an American infantry regiment played on a long summer afternoon.

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