Gettysburg – Second Day

Well, I said I was starting at Barlow Knoll, so while I’m not planning on posting that often with a little time this evening I thought I would post a few additional photos. so to start below is a photo of Barlow’s guns facing elements of Ewell’s Corps, who would have a significant incline to climb. The battle here started around 3pm when Gordon & Dole’s Georgians attacked from these woods. By 4pm or so the position had been taken and Union troops were heading for Gettysburg.

I’ve been following the driving tour route, which has been far better than I imagined. The only potential problem is that some parts of the third day are seen before sections of the second day. Take for example the photo below in the area of the attacks on the third day against Cemetery Ridge, which includes attacks by Pickett’s Division. I had known the area of attack was gentle, but it was more gentle than I expected. Still I expect it will still be a good walk when I walk across and retreat tomorrow.

Below, another view of the Rebel gun line. I understand considerable care was taken placing the 400 odd cannon that are on the battlefield placing the correct type of gun in the historically correct locations. I’m rather looking forward to the walk covering these attacks tomorrow.

Getting back to the second day. The area on the Confederate right, or Union left, was surprising to me. In what way, well it was significantly more undulating than I expected. But as I travelled around I was rewarded to some great view of the general area from a raised observation platform.

Here are photos from the Rebel lines, via a viewing platform, of the Peach Orchard, shown above, and the Round Tops below. At ground level visibility is very different and I found myself disoriented on occasion, just as some of the commanders were.

Little round Top was fascinating. In Volley and Bayonet it is rather an obstacle yet in many of the games I’ve played it is critically important. Below is the position of the 20th Maine on Little Round Top, though I understand the actual position was 30 feet down the hill.

One of the areas I have never understood was the Devil’s Den. Standing on Little Round Top looking down, followed by visiting Devils Den was very rewarding. Over the other side the Wheat Field held further surprises. Again, visibility is restricted due to the undulating ground.

My day ended around Culps Hill area. As dusk was falling I arrived just as the Confederate attacks of the second day were going in against East Cemetry Hill. Below, Union artillery on Stevens Knoll prepares to engage two Confederate brigades  attacking up the valley to the left of the artillery against Cemetery Hill. It seemed fitting to end my second day at this point.


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