Gettysburg – First Day

Well it’s been a while in the planning but this afternoon I finally found myself on the battlefield of Gettysburg. Like many I’ve read about this battle over the years and of course watched the movie. But it has really come to life on the wargames table. I’ve also had the pleasure of refighting the entire battle several times. I do mean the entire battle, and not just a section of it, thanks to the excellent Volley and Bayonet rules. Mostly I’ve refought the battle as a multiplayer engagement, but I do recall playing it twice with just one player per side. A great experience! Anyway, here are a few photos from the area of the first day of the battle, and the first day of my visit.

Above Union artillery, from Reynolds Corps, deployed to the right of the Chambersburg Pike from which Heth’s attacked down. Buford after falling back from Herr Ridge deployed to both the left and right. McPherson’s Barn is to the left and Reynolds’ Wood, where he was killed, is further to the left. Below, a view from McPherson Ridge towards Gettysburg. The Lutheran Seminary can be seen.

Below, two photos from the north from Ewell’s perspective. The first has Oak Ridge where part of Buford’s dismounted cavalry were forced back to between the two Confederate guns.

As Ewell’s Corps arrived it would eventually roll up the Union right. Below, Culps Hill is in the very distant centre, just to the right of the road that starts on the left and exits top centre.

The great debate of what may have happened if Ewell had taken Culps Hill on the first day springs to mind.

Well enough writing. It’s time to prepare for my second day, which starts with a visit to Barlow Knoll where Confederates under Early collapsed the Union line…

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