The Wargames Room Returns

My gaming room has been out of action for around three months. A combination of packing and unpacking and two months of repairs. Finally last weekend the unpacking had progressed sufficiently that the games room was operational.

First up Jim and I deployed two 15mm Renaissance armies on Wednesday for our regular mid-week gaming session. While I failed to take any photos the game was excellent. The terrain, primarily a small town and some enclosures, provided a particularly challenging battlefield. Musketeers exchanged fire in the streets and enclosures while pikemen, German mercenaries in Polish service, formed in deep formations to press the shallower Protestant regiments. An outstanding evening game breaking up the week.

Then on Friday evening several players gathered for a multiplayer Volley & Bayonet game using my 6mm miniatures. Robin and Adrian commanded the French and Allies while Alastair and I deployed the Prussians in an 1813 game. The game illustrated all the great points of Volley & Bayonet and indeed multiplayer games in general. A short report of the action can be found here.

It is certainly good to have “The Wargames Room” operational and to get back to pushing those little lead armies around during the evenings. Now, time to start organising another encounter…

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