A Busy Month…

It’s been a while since I’ve put pen to paper, or keyboard to blog, but thought I should try before another week ticks by. My gaming room has been out of action for over four weeks now as our house finally has joined the earthquake repair program. With with no games room I’ve headed to other venues each week for games.

During the time I’ve enjoyed a good number of DBR games which has seen some interesting battles between my ECW armies and Jim’s Later Poles. These evening games have typically seen the result going down to the wire. The 300 point format is ideal for these evening games with each lasting around 2 1/2 hours. The most recent being a very near run game with Polish light horse nearly getting into my baggage which was only saved by the breaking of the Polish left by my own Harquebusiers. 

My DBA armies have also been out in force with several enjoyable games using a couple of classical armies against various opponents, such as the one above. I’ve also finally played a couple of interesting games using John’s Wars of the Roses armies. These games provided my first experience with late European medieval armies. As I expected DBA 3.0 has improved the interaction of bill men and archers in historical scenarios.

To complete the gaming a great multiplayer WWII game using Wings of War ensured I haven’t completely lost my ability to take to the air. So while blogging has been minimal the gaming has been excellent.

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