Heinkels Over Britain  

As regular visitors will have noticed we have been playing a few Wings of War games of late. With the recent arrival of some new Wings of War models, specifically some Heinkels and Messerschmitt 110s, a simple Battle of Britain scenario for our Wednesday evening gaming session seemed on the cards.

The Germans fielded a single Heinkel with escort provided by two long range Messerschmitts. The British vectored two Spitfires and a Hurricane to engage. As can be seen below the Heinkel, centre, is flanked by the Messerschmitts which it was hoped would provide protection against a frontal attack.

The British pilots broke into two groups. Attacking from the front was a single Spitfire which gained height before beginning its attack run. Meanwhile the remaining Spitfire and Hurricane broke right and prepared for an attack against the German left.

The left most Messerschmitt countered the Spitfire and Hurricane and engaged with her forward guns inflicting damage as the Spitfire and Hurricane swept past. However, the 110 struggled to manoeuvre and was soon well out of the action. While the pilot slowly turned and moved back to provide support for the bomber, the British aircraft focused their attacks on the slow moving Heinkel, as seen below.

The Spitfire originally closing from the front, swung out at the at moment. Having gained a height advantage swept in from a 10 o’clock position slightly above the Heinkel. Soon three British aircraft weaved in and around the Heinkel. Below, from the perspective of the Hurricane pilot, two British Spitfires weave in. The one on the right was originally from the front and is at a higher altitude.

Of course the pilot of second Messerschmitt should have joined the dogfight by now. Unfortunately the pilot had miscalculated and was now very poorly positioned. While he struggled to regain his position all three British aircraft pressed repeated attacks on the now isolated Heinkel. Despite the actions of the Heinkel gunners, who hammered out streams of lead, the British attacks were devastating. Soon, with one engine hit the Heinkel pilot attempted to evade, but it was too late. One final burst and the Heinkel exploded in a fireball. Scratch one bomber.

Next time the Luftwaffe will have perfected the concept of close support fighter support, perhaps…

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