Careful of the Caproni

This evening a few of us took to the air with some Wings of War aircraft for a very enjoyable evening of flight. It was particularly pertinent for Alastair and Jim who had returned from the Easter air display in Blenheim where no less than eight Fokkers were flying. It also provided an opportunity for some new model aircraft to take to the sky including a massive Caproni CA.3 multi engined bomber.

In our first game the Caproni attempted a bombing run while supported by a Spad VII and Jon’s Snipe.Meanwhile Jim, flying a Fokker DRI, and supported by Alastair and Robin each with an Albatros, attempted to intercept.

Above, the Caproni prepares to engage a Fokker and one Albatros. A moment later the Fokker exploded in a fireball thanks to the Caproni gunners. A great start to the mission! The Albatros pilot was soon under pressure, and while inflicting damage on the Caproni was itself badly handled by the two machine guns of the bomber. Unfortunately, another Fokker soon closed in as shown below. A Spad can be seen in the distance and a Snipe, having disengaged from a second Albatros, is visible in the foreground.

The Caproni was soon on fire, and with mechanical damage was now limping towards its target. Further passes by a Fokker where crippling and soon the Caproni exploded. With the bomber gone a dogfight ensued with the Spas and Snipe weaving in and out against two Albatros and a Fokker triplane, as seen below. An Albatros and Snipe would eventually be shot down in this dramatic dogfight. 

Next up was a reconnaissance mission where a French Bruguet Br.14 b2 two seater escorted by a Camel tangled with a Fokker DRI and Albatros Va. The Camel drew both German fighters off allowing the Bruguet to reach its objective. However, it’s homeward run was more difficult, with the Fokker getting on its tail. A game of cat and mouse ensued with both pilots trying to gain advantage. Diving, swerving and stalling the Bruguet  used every trick in the book to escape, but the Fokker maintained its position. Only a jammed gun on the Fokker allowed the French aircraft to finally escape…

An excellent evening of gaming.

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