A Wargaming Summer Holiday

It has been a busy few weeks since my last few posts during which there has been plenty of wargaming mixed in with Christmas & New Year activities. Family, good weather and wargaming with friends has made it a very pleasant summer holiday.

From a wargaming perspective there has been much activity. Before Christmas I managed to make considerable progress on some 15mm Ancients having painted a good number of stands for my Roman, Greek and Successor armies. Many of these figures have been smiling at me from the lead pile for many years. I’m sure some of these figures will appear on this site in due course.

During and after this painting blitz a large number of DBA 3.0 games have been played. These rules have proved very satisfying both in regards to the rules but also in allowing me to catchup with a large number of players. I have not generally attempted to record these games but a brief summary of the Woolston DBA Challenge can be found on my Ancient & Medieval website should you be interested. The next DBA event for me looks to be the “Pokeno Invitational” which, all going to plan, will see an informal gathering of DBA gamers south of Auckland.

Napoleonic gaming has also featured in recent weeks with a couple of excellent Napoleonic games being played. The first was an 1813 affair between Russians and French and the second, fought last night, was set in the Peninsular between an Anglo-Spanish army and the ever belligerent French. As always we use Volley & Bayonet for these games and 6mm figures.

Below, French forces are shown on the left while the Anglo-Spanish army with the burden of attack, on the right. The situation shown, early in the battle, has the Anglo-Spanish attempting to pin the French centre while rolling up the extended French left. The French attempt to reinforce this flank. Jourdan managed to inflict heavy casualties on the Anglo Spanish right, using Sebastiani’s Corps and elements of the “Madrid Garrison”. However, further Aliied attacks attacks on the French centre, under command of Victor, caused heavy French casualties. It was only fading light, and heavy allied casualties, that curtailed the Anglo Allied attacks.

150109_VB1Discussions are already underway for further Volley & Bayonet encounters.

Enough ramblings on recent games, I really need to prepare for my first 15mm DBMM game in many years. The army list needs to completed, the army packed and a review of the rules are all required before tomorrow…

4 thoughts on “A Wargaming Summer Holiday

  1. Excellent Keith. We really should get together for a game soon. I’ve yet to invest in DBA 3.0 but it’s on my list of things to buy.

  2. Always enjoy reading about how others love the hobby of wargaming and especially that os ACW miniature wargaming. Historicon 2016 is right around the corner too, so many more opportunities to play and connect.

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