DBA 3.0 Arrives

As I mentioned in a recent post I recently ordered a copy of DBA 3.0. It took a few days for the reseller to get in stock and then dispatch, but my copy arrived last Friday.

While I have been in the restricted play test group the final package, specifically the fact it was a hardback, was not known to me until recently. So it was with real interest that I opened the parcel.


The publication runs to 144 pages and is a very impressive product, in my view the best rules package from Phil Barker and WRG I have seen. For those interested I have written a short review  of the rules package.

From a gaming perspective I also managed a couple of DBA games over the week, using my copy of the draft DBA 3.0 rules. Below, my Carthaginians advance on Jim’s Romans, and their Spanish allies.

IMG_0292.JPG All things going to plan I hope to get a couple of additional games this week…

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