Greeks, Successors and a bit of Napoleonic Naval

Yet again I have been distracted from updates here by moving miniatures on the table. Such a problem to have I know…

From an Ancients and Medieval perspective I’ve managed a number of games using DBA 3.0, or at least the final draft of the rules. Greeks, Successors and Celts have been involved in multiple clashes in evening games while Aztecs and Conquistadors have represented the late medieval or early renaissance periods.


I am now looking forward to receiving my copy of the recently published DBA 3.0 rules. You can find more detail on the rules package on my Ancient Wargaming site. Hopefully the rules will be here in a week or so, postal services permitting.

We have also been playing a good number of Napoleonic Naval using “Sails of Glory”. Frigates and third raters have all come out in force either for individual ship actions or in pairs. We are now using the advanced rules which requires planning of crew actions. While this adds some complexity the games have been first class. I still need to work on my tactics as I’m reasonably certain that having a ship of the line raked three times in one engagement is not ideal for an officer’s career, but I could be wrong…

1 thought on “Greeks, Successors and a bit of Napoleonic Naval

  1. …ship of the line raked three times…

    I would be either afraid to share the fate of Admiral Byng, should that happen. Or alternatively you should give a shot to Signal Close Action [Fast Play], if raking is easy enough to compromise the naval career. 🙂

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