Cancon 2014

It us just a few days now until Cancon, Australia’s largest wargaming convention. Running over three days and starting on Saturday the 25th Cancon promises to be another excellent long weekend of wargaming.

The Ancient competition numbers are DBA (20), when the umpire is added in to even numbers, DBMM (12) and FOG (18). Interestingly, DBA this year pips FOG to be the most popular Ancients competition at Cancon. Of the Renaissance competitions two rule sets are on offer. DBR, which I am playing in, has eleven players. FOG Renaissance is also well supported with ten players. Of course there are many other competitions on offer, some with extremely large player numbers.

For my part I don’t expect to win many games, the cost of taking a relatively complex army. Made worse by the fact I have only just finished painting it a couple of days ago! Still winning is not high on my list of aims. Rather, and this is the draw card to Cancon, I’m looking forward to playing a series of enjoyable games with some old friends on well presented tables. Indeed, the DBR organisers at Cancon use pre-set terrain and they have invested heavily in improving the quality of the terrain over the years. The result is a series of interesting and visually pleasing tables to play on. A far cry from the tatty tables that are too often seen on competition tables.

Anyway, enough rambling, I best go and pack the army ready for the trip…

7 thoughts on “Cancon 2014

  1. Hi Keith, caught up for a few minutes at CanCon 2014. You said to email you re: Modern Spearhead…But I can’t find an email address.


    email below. (i hope)

    1. Hi Mark, Sorry for the delay replying. I took a Sumatran army. It was well outside my normal army selection with charging warriors, rated as warband, skirmishers, light horse and a good number of elephants. Finally finished the troops a week before.

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