Snoopy’s Christmas

It has been longer than it should have been since I posted here, yet life has a tendency to become busy and this certainly has been the case over recent weeks so reports have taken a back seat to actual gaming. Still, with Christmas almost upon us our Wings of War aircraft and players took to the sky in a series of missions.

First was a small dogfight, as a training mission for a new pilot, with victory going to the Central Powers. Certtainly helped by some excellent early shooting by a Fokker DR1 pilot! Scratch one Camel when it exploded in the first round of German shooting.Despite that the remaining allied Camel put up a good fight.

The second scenario was a reconnaissance mission over the Western Front. Here, a Sopwith Camel and Snipe seemed unable to catch a very nimble Ufag with a rear gunner with a fine aim, though a Fokker was seen limping home  after a short engagement with a Snipe.

The main scenario of the evening however found six allied aircraft attacking two observation balloons protected by three German aircraft.

The scenario resulted in the loss of both observation balloons and one German aircraft. Allied losses included two of the four Nieuport 16s, each armed with Le Prieur rockets. These challenging rockets requiring a long straight flight path towards the target balloon which unfortunately can therefore be easily detected by the German pilots. Above, two Nieuports of the first wave tangle with Germans around one of the two balloons, while Allied Sopwith Camels lend a hand.

Below, with both balloons destroyed, a combination of rockets, incendury bullets and fires, the Germans seek revenge on the remaining allied aircraft. A Focker DR1 can be seen on the right with two Nieuports in the foreground, these aircraft being from the second wave of Nieuports. A Sopwith Camel flies low under a Nieuport while another Focker is only just visible in the distance.


Another enjoyable evening over the Western Front and very fitting given the Christmas season. Snoopy would be proud I’m sure…

7 thoughts on “Snoopy’s Christmas

  1. Great stuff, and coincidentally I had a game of WoW on the night of the 13th. Do you use the altitude rules when you play? Over in Oz we generally leave them out (for WWI at least).

    1. Interestigly we always use the altitude rules. I think the add a bit of additional flavour and a sudden dive can make the difference to being shot down or escaping sometimes. They are a must for scenarios with balloons.

      1. I would very much like to meet you and shake your hand, I have been following you on VnB et al for years. and want to thank you for all you have done for the community..
        Not sure If I am a stalker, or a groupie… at the very least, an interested party 🙂 ..

  2. Steve, Just come over to the Renaissance Competition area, and specifically the DBR area. Any of the DBR players should be able to point me out for you. It would be great to catch up.

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