DBA Matched Pairs

With my son visiting from Auckland a call went out for some DBA games at the Christchurch Wargames Club for last Sunday. In answer some seven players gathered for an afternoon of DBA gaming.

Locally most events have themes which typically see some armies being being used repeatedly. I wanted to organise something different and therefore suggested a matched pairs event, having read of such events in several UK competitions over the years. As a result players were requested to bring a pair of historical armies along. Players would then use one of these pairs, either their pair or their opponents pair, in each game played.

The supplied matched pairs were as follows:

  • Colin: Later Hoplite Greek Thessalian and “Others”
  • Joel: Marian Roman and Gauls
  • John: Wars of the Roses
  • Keith: Hellenic Successors – Demetrios the Besieger and Lysimachus
  • Brian: Classical Indian and Kushan
  • Andrew: Chariot Wars – Biblical armies

Once the pair was selected the player who did not “own” the army selected his preferred army of the pair and the game sequence began.

The resulting games seemed to be a great success with players frequently placed outside their comfort zone and experimenting with different armies and in some cases troop types. For example John, who mostly refights Medieval engagements seemed rather taken with the Hellenic conflicts, while Brian experimented with Gallic warbands. I hope in time we will see even more variety. As Stan pointed out this format really encourages the use of those armies that are not typically seen on the table as some are deemed non-competitive.

I am convinced this is an excellent format and will certainly be trying it again.

2 thoughts on “DBA Matched Pairs

  1. Thank you Keith for organising this afternoon. Great fun and good company! Well done to you for taking the trouble to try this format out – I hope everyone else enjoyed themselves as much as I did.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it John. I know Joel also enjoyed the format, as of course did I. The concept of trying different armies really put players into a different space and made a good change from just using your own armies. Perhaps next time I will get to use some Chariot period armies…

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