Borsetshire and Campaign Gaming

A couple of weeks ago I finally caught up with John for a long overdue DBR game. Last year John and I enjoyed several DBR encounters and it was with some interest that for our first game of the year John wanted to play a campaign game. In particular he has been running a series of linked games set in the fictional county of Borsetshire during the English Civil War. The latest encounter being fought in the winter of 1643 on a snow covered battlefield.


As John has provided some photos and a description of the game over on his blog I shan’t go into the game details here. Well, except to say it was an interesting engagement as it involved a river swollen by winter rain. The result was the River Perch was a significant barrier to the Royalists who were on the offensive.

While this campaign isn’t laden with complex campaign rules it reminded me why I enjoy campaigns so much. Far from just an equal points based game our little encounter was placed in a context more important than a winning or indeed suffering a loss. This point was driven home this evening while discussing past campaigns with my son who has participated in both small and large Ancient campaigns with me over the years. Perhaps I need to add another simple campaign to my list of things to get around to…

In the meantime have a look at John’s report on the battle, which can be found here.

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