Preparing for Hennersdorf – 1813

Easter is fast approaching and here we are planning a multi-player Napoleonic game set in August 1813 using the Volley and Bayonet rules and our 6mm figures.

The hard-fought battles of Lützen and Bautzen are now long gone as is the brief armistice. Now in August, with the armistice over, the armies prepare to engage. Major battle currently looks likely to occur around the town of Hennersdorf somewhat east of Dresden and north of the Austrian border as both the French and Allied Coalition forces converge on Hennersdorf.


To the south, and forming the Allied left wing, having crossed the Austrian border, are elements of the Austrian army under command of Prinz Schwarzenberg. From the east, and forming the Allied centre, march the Russians under Barclay de Tolly. Finally from the north, and the Allied right wing comes Blucher and his Prussians. Meanwhile the French are marching in four columns and likewise aim to converge on Hennersdorf. Once all the forces converge well over 200,000 men will be engaged.

With six players it promises to be an interesting day. Hopefully I will manage some photos and a brief report for The Volley & Bayonet Page.

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