New Volley & Bayonet Page Launched

Over the years Volley and Bayonet has provided me many hours of wargaming pleasure as I have built armies, re-fought a large number of historical battles and even more fictional encounters from the Horse & Musket period. For many of these years I have also run “The Volley and Bayonet Page” which has grown, with the support of many contributors, to be a very popular website.

For a few months now I have been slowly working on a new Volley & Bayonet website. This project has finally reached critical mass and I can announce the launch of the new Volley & Bayonet Page.

I hope that its new format will allow me to more easily manage and update content and free me from very restrictive web hosting platform. At the same time I hope that the new site provides a more usable interface for the Volley & Bayonet community.

As I’m sure you will understand moving data takes considerable time. Each page needs considerable manual data manipulation. As a result some material will be unavailable or will be available in its old html format for a period of time. Other material will progressively be available as PDFs. I hope the delivery of material in PDF format prove especially useful to players printing off information. Further, my intent is to not just move material over but edit it and expand it further adding to the task. That aside I do hoe the information available now, and that will be added in the coming weeks will be popular.

The new Volley & Bayonet page can be found here, or from the links on this site.

3 thoughts on “New Volley & Bayonet Page Launched

    1. The map for this scenario still needs to be completed. I find maps hard work and as a result I have put it off for too long. I will see what I can do over the next few weeks.

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