It is now only a few days until Cancon 2013, Australia’s largest miniature and boardgame convention, held annually in Canberra in late January. This year it combines with “The Worlds” an informal historical miniatures event that moves around the world. For qualification as a “Worlds” event non-Australian players must be involved and the event must be one of several historical rule systems. So while it isn’t exactly the Olympics its about as near to it that your average over weight wargamer can get to it.

As of today the main historical events have the following player registrations. Ancients has a very healthy player numbers but these are spread across four rule systems. These rule systems, with their player numbers in brackets, are:  DBA (23); DBM 3.2 (5); DBMM (23); FOG A (36). All of these competitions are in 15mm and apart from DBA are three day competitions. DBA this year is over two days where one day has an Ancient theme while the second a Medieval theme. For those that play Flames of War the website indicates 101 registrations with 42 for Early War and 59 for Mid-War.

For my part I am travelling over for some Renaissance gaming, which is also in 15mm. It will be my sixth trip to play in Cancon’s Renaissance DBR competition which is also one of my yearly wargaming highlights. The Renaissance period at Cancon has two rule systems on offer this year. DBR has 16 players including four from outside Australia. Of these three are from New Zealand and one from the UK. In addition FOGR has 11 though all, I believe are Australian.

In addition to the above there are massive fantasy and boardgame competitions as well as several small adhoc competitions. On the boardgame front Cancon also hosts the Australian Boardgame Championships. Then of course are the traders, some 50 retailers will be there ensuring plenty of choice and reason s to part with some cash. Finally, and far from least there will be a range of participation games. Typically Cancon draws over 1000 registrations and visitors of even greater numbers!

However, back in my little corner of Cancon I will, as mentioned, be playing in the Renaissance DBR competition. Now, I have no hope of winning a place on the podium but for me the thing I am looking forward to the most is catching up with some friends and moving some lead on the table. One of the interesting elements of Cancon DBR is the use of fixed terrain and the Cancon DBR organisers have been investing to improve terrain quality. Here one of the tables in use in 2012.


A fine example of what can be achieved on the competition tables and something to aim for for many gamers home terrain I would suggest. Alas my Japanese were defeated but their commander had a great time!


Anyway, back to the topic in hand. I should have six games and if past DBR events at Cancon are anything to go by they will all be enjoyable friendly games. For those interested in such things here is a list of the DBR Runners & Riders:

  • Lyle Daymond, Neapolitan Spanish 1512AD
  • Dominic O’Dwyer, Williamite Anglo-Dutch 1695AD
  • Brian Sowman, Siberian Tribes – Yakut 1644AD
  • Roger Mackay, Venetian Italian 1607AD
  • Phil Clark, Later Polish 1676AD
  • David Clarke, Later Polish 1689AD
  • Christopher Pooley, ECW Royalist 1644AD
  • Keith McNelly, Japanese 1570AD
  • Jonathan Moore, New Model Army West Indies 1654AD
  • Damian Pooley, Williamite Anglo-Dutch 1688-1700AD
  • Mark Robins, Williamite Anglo-Dutch 1692AD
  • John McCartney, French TYW 1636AD
  • Stu Todd, Regency French 1658AD
  • Luke Taper, Sebastianic Portuguese 1578AD
  • John McQualter, Khmer 1545AD
  • Stuart Gray, Neapolitan Spanish 1512AD

An interesting list of armies with a few surprises. Firstly there were less English Civil War armies than I expected while the inclusion of Portuguese and Khmer are interesting. There were of course some of the expected lists suh as Williamite Anglo-Dutch and Poles who frequently make an appearence. Anyway, best sign off and get the remaining figures painted…

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