Arquebusier 33/3

Around a week ago the latest edition of Arquebusier, the Journal of the Pike and Shot Society, arrived. This issue, Volume 33 Issue 3 has been a while in preparation. However, it is to be expected as Aruebusier has a less regular publication schedule than some magazines and subscriptions are not defined by calendar year. However, as with previous issues, it has been worth the wait.


This issue’s contents included, along with book and rules reviews:

  • The Eight Years War – Spain’s offensive of 1575 Part 1
  • The Men of 1670
  • The Memorial of Cornelius Wood (1637-1712)
  • Naseby at Naseby
  • The City, the River and the Boom, Londonderry under siege 1688-9
  • Renaissance Refelections from New Zealand

The first article was without doubt the feature article of this issue, being some 19 A5 pages and part one of what will be a three or four part series. Starting with an introduction to the situation the author Peter Lenders then considers the armies, both Spanish and Orangist in some detail. This series promises to be a fascinating covering a war I must admit to knowing little about. While I am yet to read all the other articles in this issue that on the siege of Londonderry, and in particular the naval aspects of it, look also to be of particular interest and substance.

If you are interested in finding more out about the Pike and Shot Society the society website can be found here.

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